Alright, Jena. You already have YoungNotions, you’ve done various blogs in the past, and and you have the opportunity to write for other sites. So why this blog?

This is is for journaling. For writing whatever’s going on in my life. Or whatever I feel like. I’ve done some of that for YoungNotions, but our focus there is comedy. This is free writing. Maybe not just writing. Maybe pictures. Maybe I make up a tutorial of some sort. I do craft, you know. Whatever I feel like typing up.

Sometimes it will be funny. Sometimes sad. Sometimes informational. Sometimes just for looks.

But it’s all me.

Why Pneumosprklyosis? It’s a condition made up by satirical rag “The Onion,” which is my favorite place to go for funny not-news (well, besides YoungNotions, of course). In their article “Cases Of Glitter Lung On The Rise Among Elementary-School Art Teachers,” The Onion talks about the rise of Pneumosparklyosis, or “glitter lung,” where a person gets sick and has trouble breathing because they have too much glitter in their lungs.

In the belly dance circles I run, in the cabaret circles I’ve danced in… heck, in the crafting circles I’ve participated in, there has been an abundance of glitter. If glitter lung were a real thing, I have no doubt that I would have cause to be tested for it.

Doesn’t that just sound awesome though? The sparkly lung disease? It’d be the prettiest disease ever.