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I’m planning on making some Christmas cookies next week. My family went casein-free (dairy free) over a year ago, and last Christmas, I was very sad to be surrounded by cookies I couldn’t eat,

I don’t blame other people for not meeting my dietary restrictions. It just means I have to provide my own. We have so much in dairy substitutes that it seems silly not to try.

I’ve never made Christmas cookies, but I’m really excited to try a variety of them. For instance, I recently won a Krumkake iron on ebay..


I’ve wanted one for YEARS. I finally got one, and I’m going to learn how to use it.

In Minnesota, I can say krumkake and everyone knows what I’m talking about. For those of non-Scandinavian heritage, krumkake is Norwegian for “curved cake,”  which is very misleading. Basically, you make a waffle cookie on a krumkake iron, then, while it’s still warm, you roll it into a cone shape. So, it’s like a waffle cone only not nearly as durable and way lighter in taste. Almost buttery. Very tasty.

I’m not really a fan of most other Scandinavian cookies. Luckily, I’m pretty much a melting pot of European heritage, so now I have an excuse to make any type of Christmas cookie I want!

Like anyone needs an excuse for cookies.

My favorites tend to be the Eastern European ones, so I’m going to try out a couple  of recipes. First and foremost, Check-Slovak Black and White pinwheel cookies.


I love pinwheel cookies. It’s like the marble cake of the holiday cookie world.

I’m also planning to make Hungarian Linzerteig. I know the kids love their thumb cookies with a dollop of jam, but there’s something about the process in these jam cookies that are just tasty as hell.  Also, they’re made with all the egg yolks. Super rich cookies.


And what am I going to do with all those egg whites? Well, I’m going to make Cinnamon Curls!


It’s a variant of a Bulgarian recipe for carpenter curls. I’m ridiculously excited to try it.

Also, gingerbread. Cause what’s Christmas without gingerbread?

Mostly, you can just replace the butter with shortening to make a cookie dairy free. But a lot of these are known for their buttery flavor, so I’m going to try some “buttery spreads” to see if that will help.

I’m just frustrated I can’t try these for another week.