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(this was originally posted to a different blog May 4th, 2008. I copied it here because I wanted it to exist here)

Brilliance: (n) the quality or state of being brilliant.

Brilliant: (adj) 1. very bright, 2. distinguished by unusual mental keenness or alertness.

I call my son My Brilliance  A part of that is because I love wordplay, and he is my son, and the sun in the sky is bright, or brilliant… No! Wait! Don’t walk away! It gets better, I promise.

The main reason I call him My Brilliance is because he is just that. Brilliant. And I don’t just mean the fact that he is a super genius. Though he is. They did standardized testing the other week, and it turns out my second grader has the math and reading aptitude of a jr. high school student.

That’s right; my 7 year old is puberty smart. I never thought I’d get to use the phrase “puberty smart.” No, YER and oxy-Moron…

So this has led to the school scrambling around to further assess him and place him correctly, making us parents fill out paperwork that doesn’t always make sense.

NOTE: The following conversation is a simplified one, paraphrased to better get the meaning and feel across. My son used much bigger words, and his parents aren’t quite as dumb as I make them out to be (or are we?)

(mark if often applies) “your child is very imaginative, and often loses touch with reality”
Me: This doesn’t make sense

Topher (my son’s father): This doesn’t make sense.

Me: That’s what I said.

My Brilliance: It’s a logic trap. One does not have to lead to the other; they are putting two separate points in that sentence  Since they are not both true, the statement is false.

Me: I knew that.

Topher: Me too.

The intelligence is certainly a part of what makes my son brilliant What really matters is not how smart he is, but who he is as a person.. the make up of his character. My Brilliance is a very thoughtful and playful person. He understands how to tease, he is sympathetic, he owns himself and his actions. He gets the meaning and intent of a situation seemingly by instinct, and he does not use this against people or for himself. Rather, he tries to find the best situation for everyone involved. He is loving and compassionate, and strong in himself.

He is my brightness on a dreary day. He is My Brilliance.

Writer’s Note: Now that he’s in jr high (ick), My Brilliance is at high school/college levels. But he’s balanced out right now with all that pre-teen puberty grossness. Ick.