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See, this is why I shouldn’t have another blog. But, there are things I want to post about that just don’t quite fit in my other venues of thoughts and processing. So this poor “left overs” blog gets what the others don’t.

I did make Christmas cookies. The Check-Slovak Black and White Pinwheels didn’t turn out quite like I was hoping… a bit too flour/powdery. But they will be repeated next year for sure with a few tweaks to the recipe I have.

Pinwheel cookies... the dough softened really quick, but it baked pretty evenly.

Pinwheel cookies… the dough softened really quick, but it baked pretty evenly.

The Hungarian Linzerteig cookies turned out well. Not quite as sweet as I remember them, they were definitely dense. I tried them as thumb print cookies and they were a little too dense to bake all the way through. Next time, I cut and shape like the recipe says. I also used the Hungarian Linzerteig dough for basic cookies to decorate. I made a thick icing in different colors for my Brilliance to paint them with, and he had a blast doing so. Total win there.

The artist at work.

The artist at work.

But the krumkakes… Oh, they were wonderful! The iron was a little tricky to figure out at first, as it kept expanding and getting stuck in the frame. The temp was incredibly finicky, and the timing took a few tries, but once I figured all that out, I was flying. The scariest thing was the steam and expansion against the iron after about 5 seconds in. I was ill prepared for that.

My learning curve in krumkake.

My learning curve in krumkake.

But after I figured out all of that, they were so tasty! Everyone in my family loved them. Total hit.

I’ve started baking my own bread for sandwiches, and it’s absolutely the best. Super tasty, and it kinda brings me to this zen place in my brain when I’m working the dough. Also, my house smells of fresh baked bread all the time now. It’s lovely.