Recognized in a women’s restroom as a “local actress,” Jena hopes to break into regionals in 5 years. She’s performed with several theater companies over the years, including Six Elements, Navel Gaze, and Walking Shadow. Her list of Fringe involvement since 2008 includes such shows as “Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead,” “Highlander: the Musical,” “Fringe Orphans,” “Stop Talking: A Game of Talking,” and her own one-woman show “Drinking Stories” She done fight choreography and/or directorship for Fell down the Stairs, Navel Gaze, and Rooftop Theater.

Her most consistent gig is playing the dozens monthly at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in the loosely improvised local favorite “Vilification Tennis.” She can also be found co-hosting the weekly podcast Apropos of Nothing with fellow vilifiers Matt and Salsa, or writing every few days for YoungNotions.com, a site she shares with her husband Bill. Jena has written, directed, produced, performed, choreographed stage, sketch, film, improv, stand up, spoken word, storytelling, dance, fire manipulation and combat.

In her spare time, Jena is the Marketing Director for Fearless Comedy Productions. A “jack of all trades,” she does a lot of crafting, up-cycling, and costuming, but she doesn’t knit. Jena lives in uptown Minneapolis, with her adorable teenage son and her large muscular husband.


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